Best Emergency Medicine Doctors in Abu Dhabi UAE

Dr. Adewale Adewunmi Naiyeju
Emergency Medicine Physician
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Asem Gharsaa
Emergency Medicine Physician
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Emergency Medicine is a medical specialty which is concerned with the care of illnesses or injuries which require immediate medical attention. Emergency Medicine is responsible for initiating recovery and stabilization and performing the initial investigations necessary to diagnose and treat illnesses or injures in the acute phase.


Emergency Physicians specialize in critical care medicine diagnosis and treat patients with critical illnesses or injuries, particularly trauma victim and patients with multiple organ dysfunctions who require care over a period of hours, days or weeks.


The Emergency Medicine an important filed of medicine which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the unforeseen illness or injury. This specialty encompasses planning, oversight and medical direction of community emergency medical response, medical control and disaster preparedness. Performing as a crucial link between patients and access to life-saving healthcare, emergency medicine doctors have a unique role of not only recognizing and treating potentially fatal conditions but making sure that patients continue to receive care both in hospital and at outpatient facilities.

Listings of the Best EMERGENCY MEDICINE

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