Colleting and using the Information

  • Your personally attributable information can be collected on multiple occasions by Seha Life including visiting Seha Life pages, using any promotion and when you create an account on Seha Life
  • The above information may include name, gender, birth date, email address and zip code.
  • Seha Life keep recording and tracking your web logs, IP address, cookies and what pages you visited or information requested whenever you visit Seha Health.
  • Seha Life can use this information to make more relevant advertisement and content, to reach you out in future for upcoming products and to complete your request for product and services.

Disclosing and Sharing Information

  • Seha Life never shares your information for monetary benefits
  • There can be exceptional cases when Seha Life may share your information with other companies including:
    1. Whenever required by legal authorities
    2. If we have your permission to share your information
    3. When it is required to fulfil your request for any product or service
    4. With companies related to Seha Life if your order needs to be fulfilled by them and not for any other purpose.

Use of Cookies

  • Seha Life may use cookies to customize advertisement for you. Third parties may collect information about your visits to Seha Health to serve more relevant ads about products and services of your interest. The information never includes your name, email address, address or phone number. You can get more information on use of cookies from here.
  • Cookies can be turned off any time by changing your browser’s security settings.

Change or Delete Your Account Information

  • Seha Life does not restrict you from changing any of your personally identifiable account information. You can always select preferences to decide if Seha Life can contact you for promotions.


To restrict unauthorised access to your information, your Seha Life accounts are password protected.

Changing Privacy Policy

Seha Life may modify this policy anytime. If it changes how Seha Life uses your information, you will be notified by clear advertisement on pages.