Best Pediatric Urologist Doctors in Dubai UAE

Luay Haddad

Pediatric Urologist
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HMRT Medical Polyclinic
What is Pediatric Urologist

Pediatric Urology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of children’s urinary and genital problems.

What do Pediatric Urologist

Pediatric Urologists treat problems related to genitals or urinary tract system in children including kidneys, ureter and bladder. They treat a variety of conditions in children such as bedwetting, undescended testicles, vesicoureteral reflux, hernia and many other.


Urinary system keeps our body clean by filtering out the waste and toxins by taking them out of our body. Therefore the health of urinary tract system is significant. Pediatric Urologists provide the healthcare and medical services to children with ongoing, urgent and non-routine issues that may affect their urinary tract system including kidneys, ureter, bladder, testicles, urethra and genitalia.

Listings of the Best Pediatric Urologist

Sehalife is putting together a comprehensive listing of renowned Pediatric Urologists in UAE. You will find it pretty easy to scan through their profile information and find the best Pediatric Urologist in town. This listing also include their contact information and clinic addresses.